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Kim Hoffman

Initiative Healer

Hello everyone my name is Kim Hoffman. My whole life I have been a helper and continue to this day. I have worked doing homecare hospice at the local hospital, managed a CBRF (Assisted Living Facility), Managed a Crisis Center and now own and run Ol' Way Healing and Gifts (Wellness Center). I continue to work with our most vulnerable populations, from the youth to the elders from traumatization to illnesses. 


On all of these amazing paths is where I learn about being a human being and it is why I continue to challenge myself for growth by adding modalities to best work with out communities. This in return, offers opportunities and resources for others to have a stepping stone on their path.


Simple put it makes it a little bit easier for others to grow. Every time someone crosses my path and asks for me to be a part of their story. I am truly blessed.