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Let Ol’ Way become part of your lifestyle. The belief is in holistic health and wellness, by designing a unique plan for each individual while promoting transformation in growth within oneself.

My whole life I have served and continue to as a helper. I have worked doing homecare hospice at our local hospital, Managed a CBRF and a Crisis Center. I continue to volunteer for different venues in our communities. For most of my career I have served our most vulnerable populations, from our future the children to our historians the elders and our populations who have been traumatized. In all of these amazing paths that I have had the good fortune to serve. This is where I learned about being a human being and is why continue to challenge myself for growth by adding more modalities to my toolbox. Being the best I can be and to bring opportunities forward for the people I am allowed to be a part of. Every time someone crosses my path and asks for me to be a part of their story I am truly honored.

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Kimberley Hoffman, Intuitive Healer

960 Main Street
Gresham, WI 54128
Phone: 715-851-4500

Modalities Offered
  • Medicine Wheel Assesments

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Healing Sessions

  • Intuitive Sessions

  • Group Healing Meditations

  • Group Intuitive Readings

  • Workshops



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